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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

First Lady Shares 4th Of July Message That Her Haters CANNOT Argue

First Lady Melania Trump gave a short and sweet tweet today that perfectly captures the celebration of our Independence Day in an elegant, simple sentence: “We are the land of the free because of the brave. Thank you to the heroes who serve!” This is a woman who was not born a citizen in the United States, but immigrated here legally and found herself married to the President of the United States. A woman who speaks multiple languages, is brilliant, an accomplished business woman and a devoted mother and wife. And amidst all that, she holds out a special love and respect for our military, our police officers and our first repsonders… the bravest among us.

Despite Melania’s elegance and quiet ways, she is the never ending target of the left’s unhinged hatred and vitriol. But she stiffens her spine, holds her head up high and moves forward letting all of that fall by the wayside. That’s the sign of a woman who is courageous and is used to fighting opponents. Compliments are few for our First Lady… they say she is too beautiful (is that possible?), too cold, too quiet, too aloof… it’s always something, when in reality she is none of those things. These detractors know nothing of Melania… they don’t know ‘her’. But what she feels in her heart and soul is laid bare for everyone to see.



Anonymous said...

Finally , an elegant , classy
First Lady!

Anonymous said...

We have had elegant first ladies before,....just not for the last 8 years! This first lady is FIRST CLASS!

Anonymous said...

And she's hot.

Anonymous said...

She's all about hair n makeup. Knows nothing else. Looks like a raccoon. Worthless like her partner.

Anonymous said...

Dear 2:23 - it's obvious that you know nothing about the 1st Lady whatsoever. The fact that English is her sixth language should tell you something about her to begin with. I know that your second language might be pig Latin but good luck to you. The fact that she's a wonderful mother I would imagine, probably escapes you as I'm sure that your mother probably wants nothing to do with you. It is a shame that you are so hateful that you don't look for the good in people. No girl make sure that your pink pussy hat is fresh and clean from the laundry. I seriously feel bad for people like you. God bless you!