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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Maryland’s Renegade Attorney General, Brian Frosh – Costing Maryland Tax Payer’s Wallets

List Of Frivolous And Ongoing Lawsuits Against President Trump And His Administration

Commentary: It appears to me, that, Maryland’s Attorney General has become fully obsessed with President Donald Trump and his Administration, filing frivolous lawsuits and costing Maryland Tax Payer’s millions of dollars. This does not include how much is being spent to be the state’s defense attorney in the ongoing Gerrymandering Case, see Shapiro V State of Maryland. How does this Help Save Maryland?

When will his obsession end? Listed is some of the cases he has brought against President Trump and his Administration. You can also view the cases on the website. If I am a Maryland Tax payer, don’t you believe you have a say in how you’re hard-earned money is being spent? Brian Frosh is ubber liberal who also has promoted his personal GuidanceMemorandum to notify all of Maryland Law Enforcement not to work with ICE/DHS on detainers, but to get warrants. This is an Attorney General who also supports Casa De Maryland and their pro illegal immigrant advocacy and has the backs of illegal alien criminals in Maryland. Don’t you find it odd, that the top attorney in Maryland has not focused on getting rid of MS13 criminal gang bangers?



Obama Crooked Bastardo said...

Impeach this Crooked Liberal, sooner the better.

Thornton Crowe said...

More fraud and waste of your tax dollars not to mention making us unfavorable for special projects like a new FBI HQ to boot. Stunningly brilliant, indeed.

Anonymous said...

This guy is not a genius by any stretch of the imagination...needs to go back to his cave in Montgomery Co. and resume his practice of representing illegals...maybe he could do it all 'pro bono'

lmclain said...

We fought a revolution over less.
Take him out into the street and hang him.
MILLIONS to pursue HIS personal political issues??
I work too hard for liberal pansie girlie boys to spend it like it's THEIR money.
Is there a lawsuit possible to prevent him from spending anymore?
uh huh.

Back to the hanging option.
Make it hurt.

Concerned Retiree said...

This is Miller and Busch favorite buddy. They are allowing these unexplained and non-funded expenditures. Hope the voters will have a good memory in the next election if MD last that long. Also the influx of DC and out of State money for their campaigns. By creating these expenditures by Frosh, is it not a form of misappropriations of State funds for personal gain? Is this not a way of kicking him out of office?

Anonymous said...

This "Trio" needs to be flushed from Maryland politics and sent to jail if provable. They are costing the taxpayer twice what we should be paying!

Anonymous said...

sounds like the crew in the public defender's office

Anonymous said...

Maryland's Three Stooges:

Mike Miller

Bozo Busch

Flophead Frosh