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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Christie Blasts Caller: 'I Love Getting Calls From Communists In Montclair'

It was a "Did I really hear that?" moment, even by the standards of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who always seems ready to pick a fight.

There were plenty of choice words and insults hurled back and forth when the Republican lawmaker appeared on a live sports-talk radio show on WFAN and sparred with Garden State constituents.

After all, this conversation takes place just a week after Christie's latest controversy, in which he and his family were photographed enjoying a sunny holiday weekend day on a New Jersey beach, which had otherwise been closed to the public due to a budget impasse between the governor and the state Legislature.



Anonymous said...

Very bad judgement on Christie's part. Arrogant attitude towards his constituents in New Jersey. He won't win many favors in the future for this. They people there have a right to be angry. He used his position as governor to do whatever the hell he wanted. He would have been better off leaving the state and vacationing elsewhere or at a beach like Atlantic city that wasn't closed. Reminds me of our former Governor William Donald Shaffer. A true A hole!

Anonymous said...

Christie is done in politics! Arrogant man with a terrible public image. We be remembered for his rude behavior and his poor appearance. He been a clown with no integrity or substance. A blueprint of today's politicians.