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Friday, July 28, 2017

Ex-SEAL Gilliam: Transgender Ban in Military Good For 'Mission Readiness'

President Donald Trump's decision to ban transgenders from serving in the military comes down to mission readiness and standards, former Navy SEAL Jonathan T. Gilliam told Newsmax TV.

During an appearance on "Newsmax Now," Gilliam told host Bill Tucker the president has this one right.

"I'm glad to see that social experimentation has taken a back seat to mission readiness," Gilliam said. "Last year … I was reading a report where it said over $3 billion had been spent on transgender reassignment surgery and hormone replacement inside the DoD.

"We have to understand something here. There are standards and then there's discrimination. And we have to stick by the standards, whatever it takes to make this military, which is a fighting machine, to run as streamline as possible. It has nothing to do with judging people or fairness."


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