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Friday, June 09, 2017

Undercover police link resort prostitution to drug addiction

The rise of opioid use in the area has produced another side-effect, according to Ocean City Police, as undercover narcotics detectives are noticing a corresponding increase in prostitution.

“Most of the prostitutes we run into have some sort of chemical dependency, and opioid addiction is the number one thing we see,” said Detective “John Doe” of the Narcotics Unit. “It’s no different if I was addicted. Every day is about the hunt to get high or to prevent myself from getting sick from withdrawal. I got to find that money somehow. I beg, borrow or steal. Girls, they prostitute.”

He added that heroin investigations often cross paths with prostitution schemes. Doe, who has been working in OCPD’s narcotics unit for 17 years, said that human trafficking investigations began gradually after tip-offs from informants, as was the case last month.



Anonymous said...

so, I might get lucky this weekend?? Don't tell my wife!!

Anonymous said...

We saw in Baltimore the cycle. When the crack hoes came so did the dealers to compete for their business. They were waiting in the wings to trade drugs for the 5 or 10 dollars the hoes made. In the meantime they end up selling also to the neighborhood kids.