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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Salisbury's City Hall's Disingenuous Fight against Hate Crime

By Thornton Crowe

Tuesday produced many moments of upset towards Mayor Jake Day and his administration, which these days, is not an unusual occurrence considering everyday, there seems to be one event after another. The fact his group posted some rubbish about Hate Crimes in Salisbury goes to show the Democrats way of subverting your attention from things like unfinished construction endeavors and gross mismanagement with illegal budgets. For savvy political animals, these actions are easy to detect; however, for people who take a fleeting interest, it seems like a chain of unrelated instances.

Democrats always tread on the race deal because they know there's a certain part of the population who, unbeknownst to them, are being used as pawns without merit or genuine concern for their well-being. They are easily incited to rebel pitch whenever race is accentuated in any argument - it is a trigger. Liberals use this soft spot to manipulate for support where they wouldn't if they actually voiced their positions. Therefore, white privilege is a wonderful fabrication they use often in order to disrupt the masses and make them believe something is there when there's just a huge Nothingburger.

The post about Civil Rights was just such an event to make folks like you and I  believe Salisbury is in some pre-1950s mentality where social injustice was happening everywhere. However, one stroll through either Walmart in town quickly debunks this claim and bares it false witness.

The real hate crime in Salisbury right now is City Hall's blatant discrimination against members of the community who don't travel in Day's social circle. When hiring for the Deputy City Administer jobs, friends with Jake and Julia Glanz curried much more favor than those of mere strangers, regardless of qualifications. These two newly-created jobs were nothing more than a way to get buddies employed while leaving many fine grad school graduates from SU overlooked. Wondering how Dr. Dudley Eshbach feels about the City ignoring her graduates.

Speaking of which, Jake and his clown posse didn't seem all concerned with racism and SU's flagrant ignorance of the Noose image when it was simply ignored after learning two black girls were the perpetrators. It might've been a useful tool if the perps were white, but that was not meant to be. So like good Democrats, the mayor's staff moved on without so much as a peep in protest.

Racism actually starts in the Mayor's office. Note: Jake, Julia, Chris and now the two new Deputy City Administrators are all as white as saltine crackers. How's that for real white privilege? Oh, sorry, another inconvenient factoid they'd like for you to ignore.

While it may momentarily upset you with the latest clown car trick, please keep in mind they're playing on your emotions to divert you from their own gross incompetence in their governance over Salisbury. Don't fall for the big red horn political tricks because now you know the truth about them. Don't be chumps! It only makes them laugh with glee when they see their trickery has illicit your angst over non-existent fodder.

Keep eyes on the prize: Keep holding them accountable for all the jobs they're not doing instead of their political ploys, complete with disco lights!


Anonymous said...

Democrat hero LBJ once said " If you can convince the lowest white man he is better than the best black man, He won't notice you're picking his pocket. Hell, give him someone to look down on and he'll empty his pockets for you"

Today's Democrat are doing the same thing but in reverse.

Anonymous said...

We would all like to believe they were honest but they're politicians trying to keep their jobs. They'll pander to anyone willing to listen.

Anonymous said...

White and Jewish (were there any Methodists that applied?) from the looks of is this diverse?

USMCRetired said...

Maryland politics especially at the city and county level is infested with parasites. The definition of a parasite is something that feeds off another entity. The outright deception, dishonesty, and lack of morals has enveloped the political arena. We are witnessing a narsisitic society with the me first attitude and getting a head at any cost; legal or illegal. All laws are now and inconvience and a nuisance and politicians believe they are exempt from the rule of law. The anything goes attitude and personal agenda's is now the norm. We have a sorry future in store and no relief in sight.

Anonymous said...

They also have a totally unqualified grant administrator on board. I have personally seen one of his proposals and it was like a middle school student wrote it.

Thornton Crowe said...

ANON 11:19am you paint a dismal but realistic image of what we can expect from local government. If Day could prove his allegations of Hate Crime in Salisbury with real examples of it, I'd be a staunch supporter but from what I've seen on our local news outlets and by his own words, crime is at an all-time low, so where's any crime much less hate crimes? The dagger always slices both ways. You can't tout low crime then turn around and promote anti-hate when none occurs. The statements run counter to one another.

I would challenge Jake and his group to proffer real-life examples of these alleged hate crimes. If he could, as said above, I would be one of his greatest proponents as I detest racism of any kind. My guess though is he hasn't a drop of evidence to back up this insidious claim. Hence, why I penned this article in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please tell me what hate crimes they are talking about?

Would it be the hate crimes that people like Jermichael Mitchell are doing to white people?

Anonymous said...

Jake Day is all over the board on this crime thing. When he was the council president and also when he was running for Mayor he kept touting crime is at an all time low. We knew he was lying and if you called him out on it on Facebook he would attack you with more lies.

This idiot is 100% a dumb young liberal Democrat who was indoctrinated in the public school system and college.

Anonymous said...

Jake Day is just going along with the Narrative so he can get nationwide exposure. Jake Day, with his jacked up teeth and toy soldier haircut, is in love with himself and loves the way the media and stupid people are drooling over him.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jake Day did you vote for President Trump or Hillary???

Did you vote for Governor Hogan or Anthony Brown?

Please answer this publicly.

Anonymous said...

I've got an idea. Why isn't the media and the Democrats getting on Jake Day and ragging on him to give an answer if he supports President Trump? Why aren't the Democrats asking Jake Day if he supports Governor Hogan? Where is the Left on this? Where is the media on this?

Why aren't the Republicans demanding that Jake Day admit who he is supporting?? Why and why not?

Anonymous said...

Just because Day kisses Hogan's butt to get favors done for Salisbury doesn't mean he supports the governor or his politics. He's said some nasty things about Hogan when he thinks only Democrats are in the room.

Anonymous said...

Day is trying hard to keep his Millennial vote by latching onto the "Don't Hate" mantra currently popular among those who think of hate as the feelings of anyone who doesn't agree with them.

Anonymous said...

Being crime is being discussed on here what's the deal with false Wicomico County letterheads showing up at the audit?