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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Lobbyists locked out of Republican process

It took secrecy to lock out the lobbyists.

The health care bill was drafted behind closed doors by Senate Republican leaders, drawing howls from Democrats who said they were shut out of the process.

Also left outside, however, was the army of health care industry lobbyists who helped draft Obamacare in 2009 and 2010 but didn’t get a say this time.

To government watchdogs, the level of complaints from lobbyists is a sign of progress — the sound of the Washington swamp draining. But the lobbyists, who represent a vast array of interests — including insurance companies, patient advocates and business owners — argue that Americans’ voices aren’t being heard in the backrooms on Capitol Hill.

Dick Woodruff, senior vice president of federal advocacy at the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, said nobody from the health care industry had a seat at the table to write the bill.

“I’m not kidding. Nobody,” Mr. Woodruff said.



Anonymous said...

Well I'm not sure these are exactly the lobbyists you should be keeping out of a healthcare bill...we're seeing a lot of concern in the medical industry and for a good reason. Tens of millions losing coverage. We tote that it will decrease the national deficit but that's just it right there isn't it. $$$ > People. The American Way :)

Anonymous said...

Won't keep the big oil lobbyists out, in fact he appoints them to his cabinet!

Anonymous said...

You mean the healthcare plan that once again cuts taxes for the rich and takes away the medical coverage for the poor and elderly?

Anonymous said...

The alligators and frogs will need to find a new home, huh?

Anonymous said...

Give Big Oil their way and citizens the reward of making USA an energy export powerhouse. Put OPEC out of business or have them peddle their oil somewhere else.


Anonymous said...

Koch said he is keeping his checkbook closed until Republicans fix healthcare and tax cuts.