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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Harris and Norton Introduce Legislation Honoring Frederick Douglass

WASHINGTON, DC: On June 21, Congressman Andy Harris (MD-01) in conjunction with Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton (DC-At large) introduced H.R. 2989, the Frederick Douglass Bicentennial Commission Act. This legislation will establish a commission to study and recommend to Congress activities that are fitting to commemorate the bicentennial anniversary of Frederick Douglass’ birth. Congressman Harris released the following statement on the legislation:

“Frederick Douglass is the father of the civil rights movement, and all Americans can benefit from studying his remarkable life. Born on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, through his own hard work and determination, Douglass rose out of slavery to become an author, journalist, abolitionist, and symbol for equality. Frederick Douglass’ long record of government service further demonstrates the need to honor his civic contributions. His lifelong dedication to freedom and equality should serve as an inspiration to all Americans, and these values must be shared with generations to come.”


Anonymous said...

Can Dr. Congressman Harris do something like introduce legislation that is more substantial? For God's sake, Jim...I'm a doctor.
Why haven't we seen him in front of a camera talking about the ups and downs of the new bill? Shouldn't a doctor be weighing in on it?

Swamp Drainer of the Shore said...

Agree with 815, I've often wondered why Harris hasn't been more vocal in the MSM about healthcare issues being that he is a medical doctor. It would be nice if he would be as involved in the healthcare debate as Gowdy has been in the criminal justice issues.

Anonymous said...

8:15 8:17 I agree with both of you guys, why haven't we heard more from Congressman Harris, he should be right out front working to give us a health care bill that will work not some Obama lite BS. There will be plenty of time to honor Fredrick Douglass later but right now we have serious business that needs taken care of.

Anonymous said...

If Harris would speak out about healthcare more it would cancel out Cadin embarrassment & 4th Circuit snafus making Maryland look bad to the other 49. Good God, Andy, Speak up! Do you need a publicist or what?

Anonymous said...

We need more honoring other types of men