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Thursday, June 22, 2017

LISTEN to Megyn Kelly audio leak: “I knew it was a fraud!” [AUDIO]

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

I’m so not surprised by this. Alex Jones clandestinely recorded Megyn Kelly during his pre-interview with her. She just doesn’t get that she was being set up by this charlatan. Jones claims that he knew it was all a lie and a fraud. Of that I have no doubt… he’s paranoid and doesn’t trust anyone. In this case, he may have been right. I’m sure this violates agreements with NBC and that Alex Jones will wind up back in court over this.

In the meantime, Megyn Kelly’s ratings have massively cratered. No one wants to put the parents of the kids who died at Sandy Hook through an interview with a madman who claims it was all a hoax. It rips their hearts out. The guy is insane and everyone knows it. Kelly has a First Amendment right to interview whomever she wants… but why in the world would you give credibility to someone like Alex Jones? You simply make him money and push the fact that somehow he has a point. Excuse me, I think the whole human-fish hybrid nonsense is just crackers. Giving airtime to that is nothing but sensationalism and tawdry.


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Unknown said...

Tiffiny Ruegner

She sounds just as bad as she claims Jones as being. I don't listen to Jones regularly but I did this time and he nailed Kelly. She was going downhill before she left Fox and this crap completely sank her.

Oh wait, I'm wrong. Her interview with Putin helped sink her too.