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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Friendly Skies?


Anonymous said...

Too funny. I worked for an airline and while customer service is key, bottom line profit is all that matters. Competition is fierce. Fares are pretty much consistent throughout the industry so it comes down to amenities and perks. Also, capacity is first and foremost; fill one plane to the max vis a vie two planes to the same destination at intervals at less than capacity. Airlines pay for "slots" at airports so the destination city is a factor as well. Of course all airlines have their "hub" cities and no matter what you are not going to get to a final destination without passing through one if you did not originate from one.

Anonymous said...

This is silly and stupid. The passenger that started all this crap refused to deplane when asked to leave by flight crew. Threw a fit and got paid for being a dick. Now, everyone is cashing in by starting tumbles on flights with flight crew. It's just a new way for scammers to get quick cash from the airlines. I've traveled all over the world and never had a problem but then again, I also follow directions and don't become truculent and petulant with flight crews. I've always found them to be most accommodating regardless of the airline. Pop shots and all these payouts will only result in higher fares so keep on cheering for idiots. That entertainment will end up costing you big bucks in the end. Nothing like paying double to fly everywhere because some idiot wants to gain his 15 minutes and a paycheck for his so-called inconvenience.