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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Anthem Of The Brave This Weekend

For years, we have felt that Delmarva (Delaware, Maryland, & Virginia) has needed an opportunity to come together and support our veterans. This opportunity not only will provide a benefit to The Fisher House, a veteran’s charity, but also raise awareness for and honor our veterans. In 2017, we are presenting Anthem of the Brave which will be a choral tribute of patriotic and Christian choir music selections sung by a corporate community choir made up of several individuals from all over Delmarva. Performance dates are May 19 & 20 at 7pm and May 21 at 2:30pm.
We are very excited to have Alice Wigfield directing the community choir. Alice has not only taught voice and music professionally, but for many years, has been the choral director for the MAGI Fund Concert which benefits the homeless charities in our area. Alice’s expertise in voice and directing has transformed choir songs to passionate and professional choral presentations. [READ MORE ABOUT ALICE]

Norm Smith, who carries a vast amount of expertise in orchestra and band, is putting together our orchestra; we are very excited for all our musicians that are joining in on the Anthem Project.

Power Productions has always been a drama ministry first and foremost, so we wanted to incorporate drama into the choral production. For this, we will house a mini-play movie that will be broken up by scenes and presented throughout the night interspersed among the choir selections. Anthem is a passionate and heartfelt event for which you will definitely want to be involved.

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Anonymous said...

Better late than never, but May 19th is today. Sheesh. If they want turnout, they ought to spread the word sooner than the day of!

Anonymous said...

Nice comment (7am) ... They've been advertising for a couple of months ...get your head out of the sand... you've got three performances to pick from. If you can't make; no excuse as you can make a donation to the Fisher House in support. It will be appreciated..