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Monday, April 10, 2017

Exposing the Party of Lincoln

Dr. Wilson has written an excellent book that every Republican and Independent should read. He exposes the true Republican Party of Lincoln and Bush. However, hopefully, Trump will change the Republican Party from an establishment party to a grass-root party, which the establishment disdain.

The Republic Party, the Stupid Party, is not what Democratic Party, the Evil Party, or even -rank-and-file Republicans believe it is. The Republic Party is a void reflection of the Democratic Party — only worse. Dr. Wilson illustrates the major difference between the two parties as follows: “Democrats. Someone thinks that the purpose of government is to provide welfare for bureaucrats, minority groups, and rich people. Republican. Someone thinks that the purpose of government is to provide welfare for rich people, bureaucrats, and minority groups.” Unlike the Democratic Party, which really does represents its voters, the Republican Party does not. “It only represents itself.”

As Wilson explains, the Republican Party is not a conservative party, and its national leaders are not conservatives. Moreover, although Southerners have, for the most part, supported the Republican Party since the late 1960s, the Republican Party is the antipathy of the South. After all, it is the party of Lincoln: big government, government-business partnership, Wall Street (Wall Street also controls the Democratic Party), and centralized banking. Unlike the Democratic Party, which has principles, the Republican Party has none. Its primary objective is to get candidates elected — hence, the long string of campaign slogans and dull, mediocre, noncommittal candidates. To paraphrase President Nixon, Republicans give conservatives the rhetoric and liberal the action. That is, the typical Republican, especially at the national level, speaks like a conservative, but votes and acts like a liberal or progressive. Furthermore, the Republican Party is not an opposition party. It is “a self-serving, principles organization” that “is merely a device maintained by the ruling elite to absorb and neuter discontent — a somewhat prettified carbon copy of the dominant party.”



Anonymous said...

In other words, both parties are controlled by the elites who get their way no matter what the People want.
Got it.

Anonymous said...

The democratic party has principles?????????????

Anonymous said...

I think that we need a confusing chart to go along with this.

Anonymous said...

Clearly the writer has no clue about the Republican party's platform of less taxes, less Government, more freedom, more Constitution and a lot less liberal crap shoved down our throat... Just saying! And didn't God get booed along with Israel during the DNC Two years ago!!!! How about we get back to the Constitution and call it a day and leave party label's off.!

Anonymous said...

The people that voted for Trump are sick and tired of both parties. We want real change. Sick of politicians wasting taxpayer dollars just to boost their own agendas and keep them in power. Enough is enough!

Steve said...

Back at you, 6:09, I agree. 11:06, the GOP did everything they could to keep Trump from getting elected, and continue to this day to thwart him.

You live in a dream world.