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Monday, March 06, 2017

‘Racist!’ U.S. colleges infected with spreading ‘victimhood’ fever

'There is a case of this happening at nearly every campus'

The vast majority of college campuses have been liberal bastions for decades, but those politics have now morphed into a “victimhood Olympics” that threatens people not affiliated with an allegedly oppressed group and even puts the future of America in doubt.

Colleges are making headlines on a regular basis for reasons unrelated to the curricula. Efforts by minority students to rename buildings, demand safe spaces and intimidate free speech appear to be an every-day occurrence.

“There is a case of this happening at nearly every college campus,” said Daily Caller Deputy Editor Scott Greer, author of the new book “No Campus for White Men: The Transformation of Higher Education into Hateful Indoctrination.”



Anonymous said...

It seems that our colleges and universities are teaching and celebrating weakness instead of strength, confusion instead of focus, entitlement instead of achievement.

Anonymous said...

Their goal is to weaken America so that the countries that pay them to do so can thrive and continue to steal tax payer money.

Anonymous said...

WTH happened to going to class, eating 3 meals a day at the cafeteria, going to the post office, walking about campus, nap times, socializing with whatever quad, riding the beach bike about campus, squeeeeeeeeeezing in homework, night-caps, rinse/lather/repeat until thurs/Friday night prep for the weekend?

I never had time to worry about world events, renaming buildings, protesting the president (hell who cared while at college). Was too busy enjoying social life...and WITHOUT ELECTRONICS!!!!!!