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Monday, March 27, 2017

Paul Ryan unmasks himself as biggest threat to GOP, Trump presidency

House Speaker Paul Ryan didn’t just step in it again, big time, on the Ryancare bill this week. The Wisconsin Republican unmasked himself as the man most capable of demolishing his own party and the Trump presidency.

The Ryan American Healthcare Bill is a piece of moderate GOP trash that Mr. Ryan owns and has been trying and failing miserably to sell as the long-promised Republican repeal and replacement of Obamacare.

By telling conservatives in the House and across America to go have intimate relations with themselves and not meddle in the medical-care matters of him and the rest of what passes as House GOP leadership, he has done American politics a favor.

Specifically, he has convinced many conservatives that his time as maximum leader of House Republicans might best end before even more damage is done to the other lawmakers in his party, to President Trump and to the brand of the party and the president.



Anonymous said...

Posts like this really fuel the Republican meltdown and their circular firing squad. Putin and Pelosi/Schumer are loving it.

Anonymous said...

Send Ryan Packing, the sooner the better!!!

Anonymous said...

Been saying this since Trump got elected. Pelosi and Schumer is backing him. He never wanted this position and he decided to take it and get revenge because he was forced / pressured into taking it. I still believe he is involved in these leaks against Trump.

Anonymous said...

He needs to resign NOW!

Anonymous said...

Pelosi/schumer are the reason why Trump will be President for the next 7.9 years.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Been saying it for since before he was elected as leader!!