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Thursday, March 02, 2017

Maryland Lawmaker: I Did Nothing Wrong, Gov Should Apologize

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — A Maryland lawmaker under an ethics reviewsays Gov. Larry Hogan owes him an apology for saying he could be thrown out of the legislature for “illegal activities.”

Hogan made the comments Wednesday when asked about Del. Dan Morhaim’s proposal to create safe consumption spots for heroin addicts, which Hogan described as “insane.” The Republican governor went on to say Morhaim, a Democrat, could be thrown out of the legislature for his role shaping medical marijuana legislation and for being a consultant for a company seeking a license to grow marijuana.

Morhaim, a doctor, wrote in an email that Hogan’s statements are “patently false.” He says he strictly complied with ethics laws.

Hogan was asked about Morhaim’s legislation after declaring a state of emergency because of the state’s heroin crisis.



Anonymous said...

The libertarian in me says why are we caring about pot when alcohol and tobacco are more harmful yet legal. Heroin is a whole different story. I don't so what kids call the wacko tobacco but it's not as bad as what firewater is do

Anonymous said...

Are we not becoming enablers if we give the addicts a safe spot to do something illegal? I never understood this type of thinking.

JoeAlbero said...

EDUCATION is the key, in my opinion. Our government needs to show kids in school pictures of addicts. They need to scare the living crap out of these kids early on and let them know, this is what you are going to look like, act like, lose teeth, scar your face, end up in jail, the whole nine yards. Most important, what you are going to put your Family through.

This crap is affecting more local families then you will ever know. Heroin hits the rich, the poor and everyone in between.

Throwing money at this massive problem is just the beginning of yet more expenses to every American because WE will end up paying for it. Politicians will say it's a small price to pay compared to the crime these addicts will deliver. I hate to admit the fact that they are right in one sense but are failing the taxpayers by not educating children first.

What's your thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Joe, Absolutely,Education is very important.And it comes in different forms.#1 for me is as a society we've turned our backs to God Almighty.
Whether it's religion or being Spiritual,most young people are 'lost' and don't understand that we were all created by a Higher Power for a reason and purpose.#2 The young people today have no healthy activities or work
ethic.Our society does not allow them to cut grass,rake leaves,shovel snow,stock shelves or bag groceries,ect.

Anonymous said...

Education if fine Joe, but you can't teach common sense. Anyone dumb enough to believe marijuana is worse than tobacco or alcohol shouldn't be teaching kids anything! If kids see that alcohol and tobacco are legal, then try marijuana and find out all the propaganda about it is lies, then only common sense will keep them from trying harder drugs. Our whole war on drugs is a money making scam. The prison lobby loves it, as does the govt agencies who get to sieze assets and keep them. Wake up people, we just found out our sheriff basically defrauded us over the harleys he bought with drug money that was supposed to be used for other vehicles.... need I say more? Wake up folks!

Anonymous said...

I agree... I'm a high school student and half of the stuff about The effects of drugs I learned like in 7th-8th grade and 10th grade... The thing about wicomico county schools is that you have Health Education 6th-th grade but only every other day and half of the school year for half a credit because they want use to take other classes such as art and computer typing... I think they should be full year courses. High School you only have to take an 1/2 credit of health out of your 4 years.. which I think is crazy... I just think that you should take health education every school year and year round because it would be more beneficial and I support throwing it in the elementary schools as well. And not onlyteach them about drugs but also about sex ed and the diseases... I also think that middle and High school nurses and health education teachers should be able to provide condoms to students because STD rates are very high in wicomico county and which I think is a way to reduce those rates and teen pregnancy... But I am a strong supporter of providing more health education to all levels.

Rebel Without a Clue said...

I agree with you Joe. Whatever happened to the "Scared Straight" program? Where kids were taken on tours of prisons and the prisoners told their stories to the kids in hopes of deterring them from a life of crime or drug use? Maybe this should be brought back too. Let children hear from an early age what all of this mess can do to them should they choose that lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

yes, educate them about the unimaginable addiction that they will never be able to walk away from, and the many horrific results, and if they survive somehow the heroin, that the government will then become their pusher, dealer in methadone, and they will forever be an addict.
But more importantly educate them that allowing the borders to remain open and unguarded is the result....a cheap available death drug. Teach them that politicians and their cartel business friends made this crisis. Teach them that addictions are a symptom, the result of politicians and bureaucrats destroying jobs, the economies, liberty, hope and the American dream. Teach the public that the supply will dwindle and end, the price will escalate and the crimes by addicts will also climb and become more violent. Teach them that politicians will never let a good disaster go to waste. Teach them that when drug dealing becomes a death sentence, then dealers will fight violently to their death. Teach them that gun laws passed to keep guns off educational institutions are not meant to protect the students, rather those that brainwash and indoctrinate the students.