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Saturday, February 04, 2017

Federal Bureaucrats Go ‘Full Hillary Clinton’ with Secret Emails

Federal bureaucrats opposed to implementing President Donald Trump’s policies are creating personal email accounts and using encrypted messages to communicate and collaborate as they push back against the new administration, Politico reports.

Just as former Secretary of State used a private e-mail server, whose contents she later wiped, in an attempt to shield some of her communications from the government and from Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, bureaucratic rebels are using external communications and applications to create what amounts to a shadow administration. But unlike Clinton, or perhaps having learned her lessons, they are encrypting their communications, using secure messaging apps like Signal.



Anonymous said...

These democrats don't give a damn about the American citizen it's all about them.

Anonymous said...

Find, these people, detect their accounts, and the fire them for violations!

There are plenty of qualified people willing to work in the Trump administration - we just can't get in through OPM due to the cronyism and Affirmative Action!

Easily half of the federal government workforce is unqualified, or got their position through some AA or Diversity enforcement program.

President Trump, you promised quality! Here's your first shot at implementing it!

Anonymous said...

The new cabinet secretaries need to publish the data security requirements and penalties so that all federal employees get the warning and acknowledge it as part of logging on each day.

Then identify and discharge for cause those who fail to comply.