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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

NY Post: Pet Owners Resort to Intentionally Harming Their Animals to Get Drugs

People are injuring their pets on purpose in order to obtain painkiller drugs,the New York Post reports.

The paper writes about the painkiller Tramadol, which is prescribed to both humans and animals. At the wholesale level, they cost less than $25 for 1,000 pills, the Post reports.

The low price, coupled with the nation's opioid epidemic, has some people taking drastic measures to get their hands on the painkiller. That includes, according to the Post, a Kentucky woman who sliced her dog's leg open with a razor on two occasions in order to obtain Tramadol.

In another case, authorities in Portland, Ore. found 100,000 pills and 17 dogs living in poor conditions.



Anonymous said...

Crazy people in this worl! This is
just one of the reasons why it needs to be
LAW that VETs report suspected animal abuse cases.

Anonymous said...

WTH!! Those bastards need to be executed!!

Anonymous said...

They should be reported, investigated and held accountable. Animals have no voice and therefore no choice. This behavior is despicable.

Anonymous said...

Heroin is really bad stuff

Wish the military would STOP bringing it into our Country!

Anonymous said...

still believe the fake news that they all start out as pot smokers I think not!! Bigpharma that's the real demon.