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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Gov. Hogan's Plans

Annapolis is wiping the sleep out of its eyes as 180 legislators come back. Friday will be 'YUGE' when our new President is sworn in, but Thursday may include a veto override of the Sun & Wind Tax {SB921} from last year.

SB921 will force utilities to increase their rates (making someone else raise the tax - sneaky) to chase renewables.
I have serious doubts we can ever achieve 25% of the power supply through solar, wind, etc. Maryland only generates 13,260.4 MW of energy, and in 2008 Marylanders used four times that: 63,000 MWh. Currently we make more than 50% of our energy with coal and 33% with nuclear but mostly buy from out of state. It would be smarter to focus on efficient use to cut demand.

How big a solar generator would it take to create 3.3 GW? The biggest one in the country is in the Mojave desert (gets a bit more sun than us) and only makes a tenth of what the bill requires. Rough estimate: a 3.3 GW solar generator may take 100 square miles: completely blocking the sun in Calvert County from Huntingtown to Solomon's Island. Another nuclear reactor would be a much better plan. I've asked some smart folks to give me a better estimate and some alternatives: if they exist I hope to articulate them.
Gov. Hogan's Legislation

The Governor plans to have legislation in every Committee: 

- Justice for Victims
- Student Debt
- Jobs
- Environment

Measures Aimed to Prevent Repeat Sex Offenders, Prosecute Human Traffickers, Support Victims of Crime, Keep Serial Drunk Drivers Off the Road

Student Loan Interest 100% Tax-Deductible for All Marylanders Making Less Than $200,000, and Tuition Growth Capped at State Colleges & Universities

Incentives to Create Thousands of Jobs, STEM Education Funding, Workforce Development & Cyber Initiatives

$65 Million Investment to grow jobs in green industries, promote the use of electric vehicles, invest in renewable energy innovations, and promote clean water commerce.


Anonymous said...

I am not impressed with this at all, even sounds a little liberal to me. I guess the gov has no interest at all in concealed carry. Hogan is certainly better than O'Malley but he is no Donald Trumph either.

Anonymous said...

You got that right!

Anonymous said...

Concealed carry. Won't pass, not worth a try

Anonymous said...

If you never try you will never know 10:34. The same people said Donald Trumph would never get elected to be president but they were wrong. If a lot of democrats put pressure on their legislators a bill could certainly pass. Hogan just has to initiate something, it's not a waste of time.

Anonymous said...

He's a closet liberal.

Anonymous said...

I tend to agree 11:30, just not as bad as O'Malley.