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Monday, January 30, 2017

Farage: Trump Elected to Protect America From ISIS

Trump executing will of We the People - as promised

In an interview on BBC, Nigel Farage praised President Donald Trump’s decision to temporarily halt the flow of incomers from nations known to be hotbeds of jihad and terrorism.

“Trump was elected to protect America from ISIS terrorists. He is doing exactly that,” wrote Farage in his commentary on the video.

When asked if Farage agreed with the executive action, he replied, “I do, because I think that if you just look at what is happening in France and Germany – if you just look at Mrs. Merkel’s policy on this, which was to allow anybody in, virtually from anywhere, look what it has led to.”


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Anonymous said...

Liberals should be secretly happy that Pres Trump has given them more reasons to be unhappy. Like libs need another reason to be angry.