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Monday, January 30, 2017

EPA Employees Given ‘Dealing with Change’ Counseling Post-Trump Win

Bureaucrats have been in tears since Hillary Clinton's loss

Amidst employees in tears following the election of Donald Trump, the Environmental Protection Agency is offering counseling sessions on “dealing with change.”

Axios obtained slides from one of the 45-minute seminars, entitled, “Feeling pressured? Worried about change at EPA?”

Topics included “How to deal with change,” “How do you keep your composure and make better decisions under pressure?” “How can you spend your energy more wisely—and have more as a result?” and “How do you recognize and eliminate harmful habits that cause you stress?”

EPA employees are still coming to work in tears more than two months after Trump’s victory.



Anonymous said...

How about all of them that said they would quit?

We need Trump to issue an EO for quality over quota so we can get rid of at least 40% of them - all over the government!

Anonymous said...

SO, the question would be.....why are the idiots still going??? IF....IF everyday I went to work and started crying because I had to go.....why keep going? IDIOT, quit and find something that makes you happy!!! I'm sure the DEMS would hire them as aides for the Senate and House party members....LOL ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Most government employees are snowflakes and now that a CEO is in power, they're in for a rude awakening. They're going to have to actually work for their pay?! What's up with that? Draining the swamp has begun!

Anonymous said...

Taxpayers paying for this counseling is just wrong but the e p a is so wrong. No science to back up their useless agency. Close it and fire them all!

Anonymous said...

I hope Trump fires every damn one of them. Those idiots must be pretty ignorant about who they now work for.