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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Police: Peeper dressed like a woman arrested at Potomac Mills

A Fredericksburg man was arrested Monday at Potomac Mills Mall after, police say, he dressed in women's clothes and attempted to film a woman through a bathroom stall – the third such incident since May.

The victim in the latest case, a 35-year-old Alabama woman, told police she was using the restroom around 3:10 p.m. when she saw a bag “protruding from underneath a neighboring stall,” said Prince William police spokesman Nathaniel Probus.

The victim told police that when she tried to confront the suspect, a man dressed in women’s clothing exited the stall and went into another stall next to another woman, Probus said.

The victim alerted the woman in the stall and contacted Potomac Mills security officers, who detained the man until police arrived.



Anonymous said...

There are more mentally ill people in the world than anyone would believe.

Anonymous said...

There you go,women thank democrats for this law.

Drew said...

Yup, it is still illegal to film someone in the restroom.

Bill said...

7:04 this is why Spy Cameras are selling out on eBay, many a sicko out there.