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Monday, December 19, 2016

Did You Know: Dunkin' Donuts' Used to Have a Namesake Donut with a Handle

Dunkin' Donuts used to actually offer a donut called "The Dunkin' Donut" and it came with a handle that you could hold onto to dunk the donut in your coffee (per the chain's name).

Now dunking a donut in coffee doesn't quite hold the popularity that it used to (and is more difficult these days due to the tall and narrow to-go cups that coffee tends to be served in now), but back in the day, you'd actually sit down with a wide-rimmed cup of coffee that was a perfect fit to ease your donut in.

The chain didn't initially offer the donut when it first started. So how did the donut with a handle come to be?



Anonymous said...

Joe they need to go back to it.....they are always out of something. I don't understand a company selling donuts and then not having advertised product????? I go into Food Lion and get Krispy Crème off the shelf faster and in sadly cheaper! Can't wait for the new Krispy Crème to open.....won't be back to Dunkin' not in stock no more.

Anonymous said...

They should bring it back.

Anonymous said...

My favorite donut is the cruller and they are out most of the time and DONT ORDER it after noon because it is as dry and hard as cardboard from sitting around.

When is Krispy Kreme getting here?

Anonymous said...

Krispy is always at Food lion and Wal Mart they sit there for days. You think when Krispy opens here that will change? Ever had a Krispy doughnut in the afternoon other than glazed? Not so good. Maybe the competition will be good.