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Sunday, November 06, 2016


The election is just 2 days away. What are you doing to assure your candidate gets more votes? Perhaps you might start with your family and friends. IF they're registered, get them to the voting booth. If everyone who supports a candidate, would take two of their friends to the polls who might not vote otherwise, you're supporting your candidate in the best way you can at this point in the election cycle.

This requires you to be courageous. This requires you to reach out. This is how the system will get changed to the way the Founders and Framers had hoped for.

We were warned by them against such a candidate as Hil-LIARY CLINTON. She is simply the most corrupt person to run for the office of the President of the United States. She simply cannot be our next president or you will leave a far worse country to your children, grandchildren and future generations.

If you're black, remember her OWN WORDS...she claims racism against Trump, but she's called you Super-Preditors. Professional ne'er-do-wells, and that you need to be made to come to heel. You've never heard words like that from Trump, yet the media campaigning for her, you know, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CNN...and in some cases even on Fox, have not informed you as they should.

Her discreet racism is designed to keep you under the government thumb. Don't believe the Democrats any longer. If they truly had your best interest at heart, you'd be doing better. They count on your votes every 2 years, but really, ask yourself this; "How has my life and that of my family and friends improved as their rhetoric promised?" Chances are, your life has gotten harder, not easier. This is by design. How do I know? I was a Democrat and ran for office. What I was told and witnessed caused me to leave this racist party.

If you're a woman...let's think about role models. Neither candidate is great, but who is being investigated by the FBI? Whose foundation is being investigated by the FBI? Who has lied, and has been proven to be lying at every turn. Who even other Democrats say she can't help herself, she has to lie? Is that really the role model you want. One who has SHOWN herself to be a racist, and one who when her own family is on the line, will not support women who claim sexual abuse by her husband? Who laughed at getting a rapist of a 12 year old child off while believing him guilty? Not to mention her silence, and silence is consent, about Bill going on a convicted sexual preditor's jet 26 times to fly to an island where the pedophile kept mostly black girls in captivity to be used or sold and trafficked into sexual slaves. This is action, not words. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me. It applies. Not the role model l'd want for my granddaughters.

If you're Hispanic or Latino, keep in mind that Trump's opening speech to launch his campaign was likely hurtful. I was angry myself. Then I actually listened in New Yorkese. What he was saying, and it's obvious, is that the MEXICAN GOVERNMENT was sending us drug dealers and assorted other criminals. He was not speaking about the rank and file border crossing families. A HUGE distinction.

If you're a white college educated white woman, how is it that you can't see through Clinton's BS? You're smarter than that. Yes, Trump said that you could even "grab them by the p^$$y, He didn't say he did, as was spun by the media. It was super-inappropriate for him to talk that way, but guess what? You're husbands, boyfriends, fathers and brothers also say similar things. Trump was wrong to SAY such things, but he didn't actually DO any of those things.
On the other hand, he wants to better protect your family, your children, you grandchildren. Your friends and family.

Are you more worried about words or deeds? Trump threatened to sue women who falsely accused him in his Gettysburg speech. I was dumbfounded frankly. But then what happened? A woman who was accusing him of raping her at the age of 13, who turns out was paid $500 thousand dollars by political operatives to make the claim, decided to take the claim back, and not move forward. Why? Because she knew she was lying. Suddenly those comments made sense.

For everyone, jobs, jobs, jobs. Hil-LIARy wants to continue the same old same old. Her doubling-down on Obamacare, which even she says was first called Hillarycare, and the huge insurance premium and deductible increases which has caused more employers to cut people to part-time, causing more people to need 2 jobs, is reason enough to vote for someone other than her. But then there's this...

Her emails and server. She actually jeopardized NATIONAL SECURITY...that's the big problem. She, as Bernie pointed out, has poor judgement. Even though we now know that the real reason for the server was to hide the Clinton Foundation and pay-for-play criminal activities, she also leaked national secrets. Actions, not words.

She will be worried more about the FBI investigation than security briefings and protecting this country. She is the wrong person for the job.

Finally, do you believe in more personal freedom, or government suppression of those freedoms? The Supreme Court would be better served by Trump appointments. Trump also has the personality flaw that will force him to do what he's said he would do. His super-ego won't allow him to do less than excel. Making America Great Again isn't just a slogan for him. No one will be left behind due to color or any other qualifier. He gave women more promotions before it was chic to do so. His-LIARy paid women less at her foundation and less at the State Department than she did men. Another hypocrisy. Trump promoted women and in fact hired the first women to build a skyscraper. More of his executives are women than men and they are compensated appropriately.

Vote for the Constitution. Vote for Trump. Take the government back.

Yours in the Constitution,
Thomas Paine


Anonymous said...

I don't know any Trump supporter or Hillary hater who is NOT 100% sure they are voting or did already.

Anonymous said...

College-educated (old-school) female here and totally behind Trump/Pence, as is our entire family. We see the lies and deception which have been going on for a long time, but more openly during the past eight years. No untrustworthy soul should ever live in the White House claiming to represent us and our Nation again!

Anonymous said...

The Clinton's Buddies will make sure she Wins on Tues
The Clinton Mafia in place a long time now...
It's all been planned since Bill was Pres and he had sex
with Monica...Hillary made him promise she would be Pres...
Good for Clintons / Bad for America !!!
Bill used Private Server too / all hushed up now when he was
Pres....... also Monica was his Private server ....the Russians could not Hack that one !!.......