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Monday, October 31, 2016

Roger Stone: Globalists Deserting Hillary

Hillary has too much baggage for globalists, says Stone

The FBI’s decision to reopen the investigation on Hillary Clinton’s private server signals that her globalist backers have decided to dump her, says Trump insider Roger Stone.

“I think the globalists have decided that the Clintons’ baggage is too great,” Stone said on The Alex Jones Show Friday. “Remember, the Clintons don’t run the globalists, the globalists run and fund the Clintons, and they too may be expendable.”

The FBI’s official reason for reopening the investigation appear to come from pertinent emails recovered from top Clinton aide Huma Abedin’s estranged husband Anthony Weiner’s computer.

However, intense backlash and pressure from the American people in tandem with provocative evidence from citizen journalist organizations like Wikileaks and Project Veritas is more likely what compelled the FBI to reopen the investigation only 10 days away from the election.


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Anonymous said...

Comey should have charged Clinton months ago during the last investigation. He knew he messed up and is now trying to fix his mistake. It's only making a further mess of this election process.