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Monday, October 31, 2016

A Viewer Writes: Judge Jannine's Opener

Watch her opener on

From that, I get that Comey HAD to reneg on his Oct 5 and announce because the Weiner investigation emails would PROVE Comey really DID have them way back when and failed to act on them and protected Hillary by not including them in the botched “investigation” If he didn’t come out now and undo Oct 5, the Weiner investigation and its 35,000 emails it would prove his collusion in protecting Hillary so she could get elected.

He’s covering his own ass or trying with this move. He’s going to be dead either way, though, either by being caught in this move or “politicizing” the FBI, or he will die in his sleep or walking the dog along with Huma, Weiner, and several others.

The DOJ Loretta will have no autopsies to go on and will not prosecute.


Anonymous said...

You can bet it's the emails Clinton had deleted. Abedin had been forwarding them to her yahoo account and for whatever reason never deleted them when Delete-Fest was going on. They will no doubt prove these emails were more about yoga and Chelsea's wedding.

Anonymous said...

All these criminals and corruption being revealed....and congress hides quietly in the closet...... They should ALL be destroyed.

Rebel Without a Clue said...

I'm sure that Comey is packing more than one gun now, probably more that two and he's wearing a bulletproof vest! I would not be surprised if he has an entourage with him 24/7 now.