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Friday, October 14, 2016

Obama's Response to Hecklers at a Rally Is So Weak, How Can Anyone Take Him Seriously? (Like, Say, Putin?)

At a rally for Hillary in North Carolina this week, even President Obama was heckled.

Watch his response:

“Is somebody hollering again? You know what? Here’s the deal. Try to get your own rally. You gotta get your own rally. See, if you can’t get your own rally, don’t come mess up somebody else’s rally.”


I see what he tried to do there. He tried to be cool. But boil it down.

“This is my rally! Mine! Don’t spoil MY rally! It’s MINE! Get your own rally!”



Anonymous said...

The picture on the right is the liberal view of Putin.

Anonymous said...

What a disgrace our president is a wooss, an embarrassment to the entire world

Anonymous said...

He doesn't do well with conflict.

Anonymous said...

I think I saw that magic pony on the White House lawn last week.

Anonymous said...

Is that the same pony he was riding when they caught Bin Laden 9n his watch? Give the man some credit.

Anonymous said...

Hrs a black Jimmy Carter. A sad lame duckling unfit for the job he holds. Shocking and jiving for Hillary is even too much for him.

Anonymous said...

3:36 PM - No, the pony was in the magic paddock at the time while Obama dreamed the dreams from his father.

Anonymous said...

6:27, Is that the best answer u can give? There isnt even a real answer in response to your imaginary thoughts. Guess acknowledging the truth doesnt fit in your imaginary world. There are many local addiction clinics to help you through.