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Friday, October 14, 2016

Is It Coming?


Anonymous said...

Spell it out Ronnie!!!! This Hillary/Obama government has weakened the Moral strength in America !
They caused division in this country any & every way possible!
She sold Russia Plutonium!
He gave sworn enemies 1.7 Billion dollars to Iran who hates America & Israel
Forced sale of their Insurance products
Forced laws that Oppose GOD!
Support the Murder of Babies at our expense
Break the Immigration laws they are sworn to up hold!
Free terrorist & want to take our guns!
They are the destruction of America!
They represent Perversion of GOD & Country!

Anonymous said...

The support group is or rather was my problem with this until I realized the Republicans are aiding this.Now with Trump's situation their lack of loyalty is sickening.

Anonymous said...

Joe look up wikileaks
Did a dump stating podesta using a HIT term three days befor justice scalia was found dead ?

Anonymous said...

It was called "WET WORKS"

its a term russia uses for a.assasination and 3 days later judge Scalia was dead.

Anonymous said...

If Hillary is "declared" the winner in the election, it will become very clear to all. I'm looking for a very messy outcome if that happens.

Anonymous said...

The second civil war should start right after the elections....

The dumbocrats will revolt when welfare is cut and they have to go to work!

The Conservatives will revolt when it is learned how the Republican establishment supported to dumbocrat establishment in treason to their country!

If you don't own a gun, get two!

Anonymous said...

The real issue is conservatives were fighting this battle back in 2007. The democrats and weak republicans did not listen and we got BO! The single thing that should have scared people away from BO was Bill AYRES. Just read about what AYRES wanted to do with our country back when he was blowing people up! I am sure he would like to see his work completed.

lmclain said...

Tell it, tell it!

That stuff is not even TAUGHT in schools any more. The proof?? Millions of cheerleaders actually discussing, in serious tones, the "antiquated" Bill of Rights and the "outdated" Constitution and the need to revise and/or eliminate some or all of it.
WE, the people, have allowed the government to tell US what we can do, say, where we can go, think, listen to, etc. and we just shuffle along.
Freedom won't disappear overnight in some glorious explosion --- it will fade away in dribs and drabs, nothing alarming to the populace, slowly, until one day, you are doing what you are told. OR ELSE.
The proverbial slippery slope. We are pretty close to the drop off.
And you cheer like it's a Hitler rally.
What's coming is going to make Hitler seem like Martha Stewart.
Keep cheering.