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Sunday, October 09, 2016

ALERT: Just In...

Be on the lookout for two more videos this week by GOPe and DNC to smear Donald Trump coming in the next weeks. All designed to try to make him defense rather than offense mode. If he's on defense, he's not telling you what he plans to do about our economy and security. 

Just in from DNC Insider source, that two highly altered videos will be released this week. Also in the information, the source was reluctant to go to Trump campaign as he/she found out 50% of his people are working against him for GOPe insiders within his camp.

Please be aware of these fakes as they will be coming to you through the Media as truth when in fact, they are "videosmithing" from the colluded efforts from the above.

See Riddle below. All this is information is coming out faster now because leakers want to make sure voters are thoroughly informed.

Remember, the Wikileaks, DNC Leaks and Guccifer 2.0 leaks are very damning to Hillary Clinton's campaign as they show much more criminal activity and nefarious happenings than she'd like to be public. Another 40-60% can be expected to dump before Election Day. Many emails are dumping on a weekly basis now. So in lieu of this, many fake victims and narratives have been compiled to deflect  viewers away from the damaging contents.

This election holds a lot of power on the table between Globalists and Nationalists and its getting ugly -- probably more than most voters are aware of at this point. Therefore, fakes from Clinton/GOPe Machine are to be expected because she has no defensible record, policy or solutions for America - her only focus is to win at whatever cost.

Knowledge is YOUR power as voters.  

CONFIRM: Billie Bush is related to the Bush family. They supplied Friday's video to Clinton campaign which in turn gave to NBC then passed off to the Washington Post as leaks also implicate GOPe players in much of the Clinton Foundation scandals. Please be aware of this fact, too.

UPDATE: For those wanting to donate to Trump's campaign, please go directly to his site not GOP. The GOP has been diverting funds to other candidates and not helping Trump at all -  with money or campaigning. Quit feeding the GOP whose helping to stop Trump from winning! 


Anonymous said...

Why is everyone offended? What he was saying is when you are famous there is no shortage of groupies who let anything be done to them.
The funny thing is all those who suddenly found some morals are the same ones who have never utter a word with the obama white house revolving door to all the "musicians" whose "music" is vulgar toward women.

Rebel Without a Clue said...

I don't care if what he said was eleven years, eleven months, or eleven minutes ago. All that really matters to me is who he is appointing to the supreme court, how he is protecting and enhancing our second amendment, how is he going to bring the economy back into a state of fruition and how is he going to protect the nation's Security. Wordsthat are uttered by men all around the omnet are of the least of my concerns. If anything, it goes to prove that he's not homosexual (not that there's anything wrong with that).

With Hilliary we know that we're getting more of the same and she will take steps to remove our 2A rights with SC appointees.

I would like to hope that I'm wrong but I highly doubt it.

Just my two cents.

Anonymous said...

He should have gone Independent. He has done this all on his own, and if his "party" is willing to do this to him, what are they willing to sell out to harm you. His "party's" backstabbing and lies only make them look weak, not him.

Anonymous said...

We knew this was coming. Did you expect less from the Clinton Machine?

Anonymous said...

Beta boys like Ryan & Sasse are intimidated by Alpha Men!

Anonymous said...

Billy Bush's father is Geo HW Bush's older brother. So Geo HW is Billy's uncle and Geo W is his cousin as is Jeb. They are not just related they are closely related.

Anonymous said...

RINOs are scared to death. I love it!!!!! TRUMP 2016!!!

Anonymous said...

The Bush family and the Clintons are very close friends and members of the brotherhood.
They look out for one another. Both families work for the same bosses, who are the wealthiest families in the world. These people have control of the MSM and are able to publish propaganda easily. We the People are being duped by these elites. The Donald is working for them as well. Doing his part.

I believe the Trumps will replace the Kardashians in the media lime light. They will be rewarded for their parts in the election drama.

Thornton Crowe said...

Unfortunately, 12:44pm with our system, Independents really don't have a chance. It was tried by Teddy Roosevelt and failed miserably. He had to pick a side. Both are trough of snakes but the Republicans' snakes are not as lethal (or weren't) in the past. The RINO illuminati are foaming which leads me to wonder just what it is he has on them that they don't want to get out. We all know about Ryan and Sasse taking bribes to protect that Congressman who was a molesting boy pages when they had the Congressional page program but this goes well beyond that for them to be working so hard to get Clinton in. Just wondering how deep his info goes and who it implicates. Guess we'll see as Wikileaks and others are leaking all over the place. The Dam is about to burst, get ready for the tsunami.

Anonymous said...

323 another for the moron alert with the Kardashian bit. Your assessment is flawed because Trump's economic plans for America are sound economic sense. They were done by JFK and Reagan, successful each time. Chalking them up as a flash in the pan, celebritista is just insane. Please do your homework, you look ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

What you should really be worried about is those of us that are registered to vote in swing states like PA and FL. It really doesn't matter how you vote on the Shore, your votes don't count in MD.