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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Liberal Pollster Finds Clinton Struggling With Blacks

Focus groups of black voters put together by a Democratic pollster found that Hillary Clinton is underperforming among black voters.

The focus groups were organized by Cornell Belcher of Brilliant Corner Research & Strategy. Belcher previously worked as a pollster for the Democratic National Committee. He found that Hillary is underperforming with black voters in the key states of Ohio and Florida and that they didn’t feel compelled to vote for her out of disdain for Donald Trump.

Some didn’t see why they should not like Trump. “I see why [Hispanics] are scared of him because he is attacking their family. But I don’t understand why I should be more scared than anybody else,” a black Florida millennial Obama surge voter said.

A black non-college graduate Ohio millennial man said, “For the fact they got Hillary against Donald Trump. It’s to tell you that it’s just the lesser of two evils either way you go. If you choose Hillary, she was part of the whole problem that started sending blacks to jail.”


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