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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Donald Trump: Aetna exodus a sign of 'imploding' Obamacare law

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump pounced Tuesday on Obamacare’s latest setback, saying Aetna’s decision to withdraw from nearly a dozen states is a sign that the law is “imploding” and should be repealed.

The Hartford, Connecticut-based insurer said will remain in just four states next year, making it the most recent insurer to beat a retreat from the program because it is losing money on its web-based exchanges.

Aetna’s decision to leave the Affordable Care Act’s public marketplaces is the latest blow to this broken law that is slowly imploding under its regulatory red tape,” said Dan Kowalski, deputy national policy director for the Trump campaign.

He also said “millions” of Americans saw their bare-bones plans canceled under Obamacare, because of new coverage requirements, and pointed to insurance mandates on employers that have forced some to trim payroll or slash part-timers’ hours to avoid triggering costly fines.

The statement marked a rare foray into health policy for the candidate, who’s mainly built his support around controversial stances on things like immigration and trade.



Anonymous said...

Come on President Trump bring us single payer.

Anonymous said...

Government obamacare fixed nothing!! All that was needed was to open insurance across the borders, control med/drug prices fix tort reform. That's all they really needed to do to fix health care. not this freakin Fiasco this is orwellian BS