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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Loretta Sanchez implies racial bias after being snubbed by Obama in California Senate race

President Obama’s decision to snub Democratic Rep. Loretta Sanchez in the one-party California Senate race has triggered a testy intraparty feud that threatens to split the Democratic coalition along racial lines.

Ms. Sanchez unloaded on the president last week after he endorsed her opponent, Attorney General Kamala Harris, then followed up by suggesting in a Spanish-language interview that race may have been a factor.

“I think they have, what he said they have, is a friendship of many years. She is African-American, as is he. They know each other through meetings,” Ms. Sanchez said in the Friday interview on Univision 19, as translated by the Los Angeles Times.

The comment came after she issued a scathing statement Tuesday accusing Mr. Obama of supporting the “entrenched political establishment,” adding that he should have stayed out of the state’s first-ever Democrat-on-Democrat Senate race.

“I am disappointed that President Obama chose to endorse in a historic Senate race between two Democrats. I would think the leader of the Democratic Party would be focused on defeating Donald Trump and supporting Democratic Senate candidates against Republicans,” Ms. Sanchez said.


Anonymous said...

Sit down lady. We need kamala's fine self on capital hill. In all seriousness, pretty women have the uncanny power of breaking down the gridlock in a room full of men

Anonymous said...

Sanchez is already an elected whack job with documented issues. She is a Latina.

Harris is elected Atty General in CA; she is a double minority with a Jamaican dad and Indian mom (Black & Asian). She is a 2nd Amendment foe.

They are hoping to win the seat Barbara Boxer is retiring from.

Only the voters will lose.