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Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Vicious Snake

Chilling At the long pause where there is a black out on your screen, the video is NOT OVER. Just wait couple seconds & it returns. Check out the little boy with the white Teddy Bear.......the result of what he has been taught. Trump hit the nail right on the head on THIS one.... Short video, but extremely powerful..... Donald Trump began reciting the lyrics to a song entitled “The Snake” at his rallies, a few weeks back, and not reported by the mainstream media. To tell you more would be to give away the following video that is allegedly making its way through Europe. This is a POWERFUL video that cuts straight to the heart.


Anonymous said...

Dave T: Thanks for posting. Good points raised in this video.

Anonymous said...

So True. Sad isn't it???????

Anonymous said...

As in a sad commentary on the state of our world? Yes.

Anonymous said...

The snake he's long, 7 miles. . . and cold . . . ride the snake . . . to the west. The west is the best . . .

Jim Morrison

Anonymous said...

Barak Hussein Obama with Hillary Clinton as head of State, engineered and implemented the refugee crisis in Europe by funding, encouraging and orchestrating the Arab Spring.
They have turned on old American allies and sided with former enemies taking advantage of both the weak minded liberal p.c. Establishment and the cold heartless barbarity of Islam.
People of color streaming into the first world is never a good thing. They know it.
Europe is at its breaking point as is America.
Obama has done the bidding for The Communist world order.

Anonymous said...

Almost correct.

It was Barry's bosses (same bosses for Hillary of course) who make these decisions and direct the intelligence agencies to act in other countries. The world is now run by the intelligence agencies on behalf of the central bankers (bosses).