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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Heroin Dealer Sentenced To 35 Years In Fatal Overdose Case; Judge Calls Man ‘Danger To The Community’

SNOW HILL — In yet another small victory in the ongoing battle against the growing heroin epidemic, a Berlin man last week was found guilty of supplying the drug that led to a man’s fatal overdose and was sentenced to a combined 35 years in prison.

Patrick Thomas, 59, of Berlin, last week was found guilty of manslaughter, distribution of heroin and possession with intent to distribute heroin after an extensive investigation last summer identified him as the dealer that supplied the drug to another man that ultimately led to a fatal overdose. Thomas was sentenced to 20 years for the distribution of heroin conviction and 10 years for the manslaughter conviction, which will be served concurrently. He was also sentenced to 15 years for the possession with intent to distribute conviction, which will be served consecutively, resulting in a total sentence of 35 years.

Holding a known distributor accountable in fatal overdoses is certainly not a new concept. Just last month another Berlin man was found guilty of manslaughter and distribution of heroin for supplying the drug in a fatal overdose case. There was another case in Ocean City in 2011 when a heroin addict on vacation in the resort knowingly supplied a female companion with methadone on which she fatally overdosed.

However, with the growing heroin epidemic on the Lower Shore and across the country, prosecutors are more frequently seeking manslaughter convictions for suppliers. While education and rehabilitation remain the key components in the battle, unique, proactive approaches are now being implemented, including prosecuting those who supply the drugs.



Anonymous said...

This does absolutely nothing.

Anonymous said...

Law enforcement has never worked as a curb against much of anything when it comes to drugs. It didn't work during Prohibition (although the hype would lead you to believe it did - bootleggers made fortunes, just ask the Kennedys), and it doesn't now. I don't say that they should stop, but to tout it as even a tiny cure is hogwash.

Anonymous said...

It's going to be overturned. Only happening in Worcester. These are dopers. No telling 100% it was this dealer. He could've had dope left over from Salisbury and died from that before he used this dealers dope. Nobody truly knows. But it's a start in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile his suppliers (US Military and CIA)continue to make huge profits off of stolen poppies in Afghanistan. They also continue to murder the Taliban government officials who are intent on destroying the plants in their country. The US will have none of it. The poppies will continue to be plentiful as long as the US Military is in control of the grow fields.

Anonymous said...

Hurray Judge Groton!!!

Anonymous said...

It is effective holding the KINGPIN Heroin dealers accountable! Addicts selling small amounts to support their addiction are a different story...Good job Task Force!!! And the person posting his US conspiracy theory..
that's totally ridiculous!