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Monday, June 06, 2016


The Wicomico County Planning and Zoning Commission will hold a public hearing on Thursday, June 9, 2016 at 6 p.m. in the Midway Room at the Wicomico Youth and Civic Center located at 500 Glen Avenue, Salisbury, Maryland. The purpose of the public hearing is to receive comments regarding the proposed amendments to the Wicomico County Zoning Code Section 225- 106 “Poultry Houses”, Section 225-25 “Definition of Basic Terms”, as well as other related sections of Chapter 225. The Planning Commission is accepting written comments prior to the public hearing and until Monday, June 13, 2016. Subsequent to the consideration of the proposed amendments, the Commission will forward a recommendation at a later date to the Wicomico County Council and Executive for its consideration at a Public Hearing. Copies of the draft amendments as drafted by the Wicomico County Council are available through the Planning & Zoning Commission Office at 125 North Division Street, Salisbury, Maryland, and are also available on the County website under “Legislative Bills – 2016”. For additional information, please contact the Planning Office at 410- 548-4860.


Anonymous said...

Question? Does anyone know how many manure sheds will need to be built to allow so many houses in one location?

Anonymous said...

12:10 - they should not be allowed to build any - they should be required to have a disposal contract to immediately remove the litter from the premises!

Anonymous said...

12:31 really? is this what the "Basic Terms" spell out? I really don't know. Is it really written down somewhere?

Anonymous said...

Wor/Wic and Somerset really need some smart people to get on board. If anyone has noticed a lot of these manure sheds are built right near property lines. What Einsteins approved this? It's no wonder there are no decent jobs on the lower shore. The local governments are full of morons. Manure sheds should be built as far into the person's property as possible who farm it is. It's not like it's rocket science. The "locals" have a lot to say about the "comes heres" but they really need the come heres because at least they have some intelligence. The locals have run the lower shore into a toxic waste land with higher than national average poverty and unemployment rates because they obviously are very stupid people.