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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Nearly Half of Released Criminal Aliens Became Repeat Offenders

Say what? Another agency caught duping Americans? Shocking, we know, but that’s standard procedure under this administration. According to a new report from the Federation for American Immigration Reform, “Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) records … show that the agency grossly misrepresented — by almost tenfold — the number of subsequent offenses committed by criminal aliens it released from custody onto the streets in FY 2014.”

This obviously wasn’t just some rounding error. ICE claims that it decided to release 30,588 criminal aliens in FY 2014, of which 1,423 became repeat offenders. That’s bad enough, but not nearly as bad as the actual number of repeat offenders — 13,288. Put another way, a whopping 43% of released criminals recommitted crimes. Even worse, says FAIR, “It is important to note that not all criminal charges result in convictions. Thus, the number of offenses committed by criminal aliens ICE turned loose is likely significantly greater.” Indeed, and how many other criminals simply haven’t been caught yet?

These weren’t just aliens with petty offenses, either. FAIR says, “The list of convictions for offenses committed by criminals ICE did not deem worthy of deportation in FY 2014 includes: homicide, kidnapping, assault, sexual assault, drunk driving, and other offenses.”

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