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Saturday, June 25, 2016

It's Going To Be Another Big Day Today

Numbers don't lie. At 6:00 AM this morning we had already surpassed 47,000 hits and the day is just beginning. 

What makes us so successful, YOU DO!

It's your news tips. It's your e-mail messages with links to articles you find interesting and unique. People have grown sick and tired of calling the local media over the years with their stories only to find they never get published. People are realizing the local media covers stories up because they only want soft/happy news out there and we do not live in a "soft/happy" territory. 

Then there's the community leaders, Mayors, Council Members, who make claims like, Ocean City is a Family Friendly Resort Town. Then you get a States Attorney masterbating in public view and guess what, no local coverage outside Salisbury News. Four days later and even after an arrest there's nothing on Maryland Judiciary Case Search about the arrest and let me tell you, the media across the nation is calling me begging for more information because it's just not out there. 

Am I the Anti Christ for "exposing" such a story? Am I wrong for telling the truth? Have we gone too far? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Salisbury News has the local largest audience over ANY main stream media outlet AND THEY KNOW IT. They have to give themselves their own awards, use catch phrases like Delmarva's News Leader, PLLLLLLEASE! Their Websites are connected with world wide affiliate sites and yet they still can't keep up with our traffic. 

So we'll just continue to do things the way we see fit, because obviously it works. Oh sure, we get lots of advice from these other news sources. However, I simply ignore them because we're the ones with the top daily numbers. I'm a leader, not a follower. 

Last night I got a call from another news source, GET THIS, can we have your sources!!!! Then they said, we'll send you a link to our story when it's finished, REALLY? 

First of all, IT'S MY STORY! Secondly, none of them want to give credit to Salisbury News. I explained, we give the MSM credit every single day by linking to their stories and sending our viewers to their sites, yet they do not want to link to our story? They do not want to give credit where credit is due? I say, BITE ME! 

Other news sources sent in comments stating that because they can't find any information about our states attorney story they don't believe it's true. Well, let me just say this to you people. You just sit back for a few days until it finally breaks. Just because YOU cannot find our sources/witnesses doesn't mean the story isn't true. What it means is, when viewers come to you with a story and it never airs, viewers are sick and tired of being blown off. Let me just say this as well. I have earned a decent relationship with my sources and contacts over the past decade. People have learned, I do not reveal my sources. I know who they are but YOU don't need to know. Our stories are 100% credible and just because we don't publish names does NOT mean we can't back it up. 

One media source asked for more pictures. BITE ME! These people have some kind of nerve. We delivered ONE picture to deliver CREDIBILITY to the story. In fact, I doubt they'll ever get any pictures but if they do it will be quite some time from now. 

So to ALL of our viewers and sources, THANK YOU. We continue to grow daily because of YOU. We deliver real time news and information because of YOU. This is something NO ONE can ever compete with because it's taken more then 10 years to earn your trust. Keep those news tips coming and we'll keep publishing your stories. From here on out you can turn on your television now knowing the only thing you're going to get is fluff/soft/happy news. 


Anonymous said...

Give 'em hell Joe!

Anonymous said...

Great post with one exception. He was "masturbating", not "masterbating". Trust me, I know about these things. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for being there for us, I know I seem to send you a lot. But I do when I figure it is something people really need to know, when it can save someone $ or can just possibly give them a different view point, because we all see and hear things that just might give us pause. We need to be there for each other just like God is there for us, and you do get the word out better than the news or papers.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us informed .I know this takes your own time and money and its greatly appreciated.Almost daily this blog comes up in many conversations I hear.

Anonymous said...

So,when will there be an entry in court search for the MSP Trooper who wrecked his vehicle in Somerset County because he was DRUNK!?