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Monday, June 27, 2016

A Viewer Writes: News stories timing


It's been interesting watching the story about Rollins evolve over the last 24 hours. Yesterday morning I scrolled through Sbynews to catch up and spotted your story, from Friday. I went to google and searched for Cecil County States Attorney and only one story came up and that was about the four who are vying for a judgeship. Puttering around at both work and home yesterday I was able to watch the news coverage online. There was a story, believe it was on the Cecil Whig, again about the judgeship run, that was posted early yesterday afternoon (Saturday). I thought how funny it was, as old as the news was about the OC thing (no pun intended) that the Whig and so many other main stream media outlets, that by Saturday afternoon there were no stories. It took until late last night for stories to pop up. Check out the times in the screen shot I just took a few minutes ago (Sunday Morning). Proves that main stream media should just pack it in and go home. Proves exactly what you said yourself in the comments in the story on Sbynews, a story posted Friday the 24th. Proves again, like you or not, you have a good thing going on with Sbynews. I wonder how long it will take for the fact he is a republican, and how that will play in spinning the stories that show up the next few days.

Frustrating again though that someone with so much would do something like what Rollins did. But then again I am sure we all have done things we shouldn't have so I have some empathy for the guy. Or maybe he had the Ivory tower mentality where he thought he could do anything without repercussions. Or maybe it's karma coming back to him.

All in all, it's an example to all of us to mind our P's and Q's with everything we do for it may catch up to us.

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Anonymous said...

I am confused about some inconsistencies in this story. 1. The arrest record shows he was arrested at 1900 Baltimore Ave, but the Clarion is at 10100 Coastal; more than 80 blocks away 2. Some statements said he was seen from the beach, but there are no guest rooms or balconies at the Clarion that are visible from the beach...they all look North or South. He could've been seen from Marigot Beach Condos or from the condo building on the other side of the Clarion...there is no other hotel near the Clarion. 3. Some published statements say he was arrested Wednesday, but this behavior also took place on Thursday. I hope they get their ducks in a row so they can convict this sick bozo.