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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Loony Liberal News Man's Anti Gun Rant

Tom Brokaw has lost his marbles:

It’s graduation season and thanks to universities’ overwhelmingly tendency to choose liberal speakers over conservatives, college students are being fed a bunch of nonsense right before they enter the real world. The latest case in point: the University of Mississippi had the honor of having NBC’s Tom Brokaw lecture them on guns during last weekend's commencement.

"I'm appalled by the determination of organizations and individuals to arm more people without any appreciation of the consequence of evermore lethal weapons in our midst," he said. "More guns and more firearm tolerance will mean more homegrown acts of terror.”

“Yes, we have a constitutional right to own guns … but with that right comes a personal obligation to be on guard against the promiscuous use of guns (and) not to pretend that no limits means no trouble,” he said.

Brokaw's sentiments - that people should understand that gun ownership is a serious responsibility- are shared by nearly every gun owner. There's absolutely no one in America who believes that gun ownership is for reckless yahoos. But like every ant-gun liberal, Brokaw's anti-gun views are completely divorced from objective reality. He talks like someone who hasn't spent five minutes around a gun or a gun owner. The mission of the National Rifle Association, and organizations like it, is to promote responsible and intelligent gun ownership. Moreover, their high effectiveness as a lobbying organization is due in large part to millions of ordinary Americans understanding and appreciating the richness of firearms culture and the importance of self defense.

Source: AAN


Anonymous said...

As a gunowner, I see nothing wrong with what he said. We do need to be more responsible.

Anonymous said...

824-He stated that more gun ownership leads to terrorism. That's ludicrous. Brokaw is a far left loon.

lmclain said...

Who is "we"?
And have you taken a look at the tremendous restrictions placed on citizens who exercise their RIGHT (not given to us by YOU or anyone else) to defend ourselves?
Maybe if we had just a few more hundred laws, criminals will see the light.
And 8:47 apparently paid more attention than you did to what he said; more guns do not create more "terrorism", unless you count the terror in the hearts of our Nazi "leaders" who KNOW they could do SO much more socialist, communist, and Third Reich BS if there weren't so many people ready to teach them why guns are so important to a FREE people.
THAT is the "terrorism" these people refer to when referencing that subject. That's why Obama and his lemmings said that returning VETERANS (!!) are a big threat for domestic terrorism.
Pay no attention to the muslim slaughter across the globe--- Obama thinks it's AMERICANS he needs to watch.
Put Brokaw in the hanging line, too.