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Monday, April 18, 2016

Obama Urges Opening Cable TV Boxes To Competition

President Obama is throwing his weight behind a plan that would lead to competition in the market for set-top cable and satellite TV boxes. Most viewers now rent the boxes from their TV providers. The Federal Communications Commission wants to make it easier for viewers to buy the devices.

The FCC estimates it costs subscribers $231 a year on average to rent the bulky boxes that enable them to watch cable or satellite TV. Earlier this year the agency proposed a way to make it easier for viewers to buy the boxes outright.

In essence it would require TV channels to sell their content to third-party groups, like Google and others who would sell their own devices. In an interview with Yahoo News, President Obama says a little competition is a good idea:

"The cable or satellite box is just one example of an area where because it's been tied to the provider and you rent it and consumers spend billions of dollars on this every single year, there hasn't been much innovation. And so the FCC is looking, independently of anything we do here at the White House, at whether it makes sense to open that up to competition."



Anonymous said...

Oh, no. Not capitalism. (gasp)

Anonymous said...

This is a "Presidential" decision???????

The free market can't figure out how to make money all by themselves????

Close down the FCC and leave us to our businesses.

Anonymous said...

how about sat boxes too?

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear President 4Putt has nothing more pressing interrupting his golf. World on fire? Get a new, cheaper cable box! Recession? Get a new, cheaper cable box!

Anonymous said...

Great. Obammy getting involved in something else he knows absolutely nothing about! Of course, that didn't stop him from being president.

Anonymous said...

How about letting me choose which channels I want and not force me to take a package that has 100 channels I never watch