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Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Hannity: NYT Immigration Piece ‘A Bald-Faced Lie,’ ‘Getting Pissed Off’ at ‘Inauthentic’ Rubio

Talk radio host and Fox News Channel anchor Sean Hannity declared a New York Timespiece about his position on immigration reform and the Gang of Eight was “a bold-faced lie” and added that he was “getting pissed off at [GOP presidential candidate Florida Senator] Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) too” over his performance during the debate and on the trail during his radio show on Monday.

Hannity began by talking about the NYT article. He stated that other talk radio hosts, such as Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, and Laura Ingraham wouldn’t change their principled opinions on any issue. He further said that in 20 years at FNC he had never been told what position to take on a single issue, including immigration.

Hannity further stated that after the 2012 election, he did say “out of anger” and “off the cuff” that he had evolved on immigration, if there was border security first, a comment that he regrets. He added that he does not know of anyone who has done more to highlight the issue of illegal immigration than he has.

He further declared the NYT piece “categorically nothing but a bold-faced lie about me.” And said the piece’s author should have reached out to him first.



Anonymous said...

Rubio was arrested at 19 for having Gay sex with his college roommate, do we really want another freak in the whitehouse?

Anonymous said...

None of that old stuff applies anymore. Nixon was impeached because he secretly recorded via tape recorder his official conversations. Hillary recorded her email exchanges. Hillary has already shared the information she collected. Nixon never got the chance.

What changed?

Thornton Crowe said...

While in most circumstances, I would have sympathy for Hannity's plight, this case is not one of them. Why? Because of the onslaught of attacks and MSM's mythical spin on Trump as he surges towards the convention. He has been lied about unrelentlessly and every utterance been scrutinized and vilified at every turn. Hannity, like other FNC anchors and commentators, has been most critical even though both establishment candidates forward things like open borders and resort to dime store tricks in these primaries. The misinformation fed constantly and regurgitated even after found out to be false has been a testament that the news journalism industry is DOA these days. There is no journalist integrity.

Therefore, perhaps it's some bad karma coming back to roost on some who have perpetuated the lies and misinformation. Just saying....

Anonymous said...

12:18 well put. MSM is nothing more the a 24he infomercial.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I have not seen or heard everything. I think Hannity has been fair to all the candidates. He will not endorse, but I think he is really a Trump supporter.