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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Ocean City Incumbents Announce Re-Election Bid As ‘An Image Of Solidarity’

OCEAN CITY — While Ocean City’s next municipal election is still roughly 10 months away, four incumbents each filed for re-election on Tuesday in a show of solidarity and continued forward progress.

Councilmembers Doug Cymek, Dennis Dare, Tony DeLuca and Mary Knight each officially filed for re-election to the Ocean City Council on Tuesday afternoon as a sign of what each characterized as a symbol of solidarity and a desire to continue the progress accomplished during the last 14 months or so. Council President Lloyd Martin, and Councilmen Matt James, Wayne Hartman and Tony DeLuca were each elected in November 2014. By virtue of his fourth-place finish, DeLuca was elected to fill the spot vacated by former Councilman Joe Mitrecic, who is now a Worcester County Commissioner representing Ocean City.

In Ocean City municipal elections, the seven council seats are staggered in alternating election cycles to prevent a potential complete turnover in a single election year. In addition, the mayor’s seat comes up in each election, but Mayor Rick Meehan has not been challenged in recent years.

In November, the seats currently occupied by Cymek, Dare, DeLuca and Knight are each up for re-election and the incumbents wasted no time early in 2016 to make their intentions known. Each officially filed on Tuesday afternoon in a symbolic show of solidarity.



Anonymous said...

One can only hope at least a couple new faces will appear. As taxes continue to rise, couple need to fall.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of dopes. "Solidarity?" They should be individuals and not followers of each other. If any had brains they would be ashamed of themselves. I've watched the OC meetings online and this wad of "solidarity" can't possibly strike anyone of having even an average intelligence level. That's why they need each other.

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting to see if the new spending rumor comes true. There is rumor going around that some of the VOLUNTEER fire department officers are going to ask to be paid. I only overheard a conversation so I don't have specifics or the real meaning. I am waiting to see if it's rumor or not. Part of the conversation related to one of the officers is going to retire soon and is looking to get paid to VOLUNTEER to back up his income. Anyone else know about this? I'm curious to see where my next tax dollars are wasted.

Anonymous said...

7:52 This is rumor. The Volunteer Division does provide a payment to the Chief Officers, and President. This is not tax dollars. This has been a practice for over 25 years.

Anonymous said...

3 stooges and toothless. They are running the town right into the ground. Thought DD would have been a on termer, naaaaaaa his little nsn syndrome kicked in.

Anonymous said...

Well, we see the IAFF is alive and well, stirring the pot as always.