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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Congressman John Carney Responds To My Bomb Threat Question

Joe Albero John, I am the Owner of Salisbury News, there's been quite the stir over the past three days referencing bomb threats in public schools. Fox News is questioning if possible terrorists are trying to see the response times from first responders. Wicomico County, MD. refused to evacuate the children in two schools that received bomb threats and the Sheriffs Office does not have a bomb sniffing K-9. Do you know what the PROTOCOL is in your district referencing removing students during such threats. What are your thoughts on this matter?

Congressman John Carney Joe, I haven't had a chance to look into this issue because it's mostly handled at the state level, but I'm glad you brought it up and I'll further investigate what the protocols are. I do know, in the state of Delaware we established protocols after 9/11 about the appropriate ways to keep kids safe at schools. Also, the Delaware state police has conducted trainings with school personnel for various threat scenarios. Each district had to come up with a comprehensive safety plan. Bottom line is, when parents send their kids off to school they need to know they're safe from harm.


Anonymous said...

used too many words to say he doesn't know

Anonymous said...

FOX 5 in Annapolis is questioning Find out what FOX 21 is question FOX News (FNCHD) out of NY or DC has not mention the Eastern Shore bomb threats. Perhaps if you contact them you could finally be awarded a moment's claim to fame - but than again they might ask Sheriff Lewis if he knows you - oops, you won't be hearing anything about Joe Albero's SBYnews on FOX news

Anonymous said...

Well he's right about one thing. Over and over and over and over we hear of all this money being spent sending officers to training, seminars and conferences for this and that. It's hard to believe that at any of this training for bomb threats that evacuation isn't the first step taken. I think it falls on the school superintendent. He should have stepped up like a real leader does and demand every single tool was used including dogs to make sure the schools were safe. He really needs to resign immediately and not let the door hit him in the butt on the way out. Even if he didn't feel it was necessary it's all about perception when you are in a position of leadership and this guy has shown over and over he is worthless.

JoeAlbero said...

2:56, Who cares if ANYONE is recognized. The bottom line is, what is the protocol, is it being followed, does it need to be changed and finally what is the best safety for your children.

After numerous phone calls today one thing I can tell you as a fact, Wicomico County realizes there is a problem and they are working together to resolve what is protocol immediately.

While the rest of the media simply sat on the fire escape and watched the world go by, SBYNews faced these matters head on, made the right contacts, exposed the real issues and ultimately got results.

After the fact you'll see the rest of the media exposing how new protocols have been made and understood. Again, the only thing that matters is that the children will be safer in the long run. Unfortunately for me, I have to take all the punches by a select few for EXPOSING the problem and accused of stirring the public. Well, this is what we are all about here. We stir the pot, expose the facts and in the end achieve results.

Don't think for a second the WCSO won't have a bomb sniffing K-9 in the very near future too, because they will. If Sheriff Lewis went to the Council, (before all of this) and asked for one they'd say it's not in their budget and it would go away. Now that it has been exposed, the Council will of course know the public is outraged and they'll find the money to make it happen.

Unfortunately, this is how you stir the pot to make things happen, especially when I PROVE it's for the children.

Anonymous said...

I left a similar comment yesterday regarding Andrew Turner, Coordinator of Safe Schools-Wicomico County Public Schools. The comment still applies. I'm not sure anyone can find what current protocols are. Either they aren't formally written or they will lie/obstruct so it's not revealed they weren't followed. Don't bother asking Mr. Turner what the protocols are. Once I asked what policies were in place to keep our children safe from predators. I wanted to know some of the details so as a parent I could make sure they were being followed in the schools. He told me he couldn't tell me because the information could fall into the wrong hands and the safety measures could be circumvented by bad people. I stated the obvious--but then no one can check up on the schools. He smiled like he was the smartest person in the room. So much for transparency--

JoeAlbero said...

To the Idiot who stated Congressman Carney is in Delaware, have you not followed where ALL of the bomb threats have been. Many have been in Delaware, including Sussex County.

Why the hell you'd try to challenge me on this matter shows how ignorant some people here can be but I'm sure I can pretty much tell who this EBT person is. Yes, too dumb to realize the Eastern Shore is not just Maryland.

Anonymous said...

Wow even my small private school - Salisbury Christian -has had emergency prepareness training as does the school do emergency and active shooter drills with the students

Anonymous said...

good move 6:48 and GOD BLESS YOU and the SCHOOL

Kevin Lindsay said...

M with Mr. Albero on this one. I NEED TO KNOW what protocol is. To find there was a bomb threat after school is out, and they did not evacuate is not good enough. Staying in a safe place is entirely different when some idiot is running around with a gun near a school etc. Thanks for this information.