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Monday, November 02, 2015

Hillary's 'Victory Lap' of Lies

To hear the media tell it, Hillary Clinton came to Capitol Hill as a bullfighter and easily killed the angry bulls of the House Benghazi committee. The "mainstream" media wondered why these crazy Republicans would "walk into the trap" of trying to scrutinize and question a media darling.

She was a "commanding, presidential presence," gushed the "objective" Associated Press.

It created "Hillary's Best Week Yet," oozed Politico. National Public Radio touted her "victory lap" at a Friday campaign event.

Never trust the liberal media to tell you who should run a "victory lap." After all, it's easy to remember that these same media outlets endlessly touted Al Gore's winning warmth and intelligence in 2000 and in 2004 insisted routinely that the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth hadn't laid a glove on John Kerry.



Anonymous said...

Media had nothing to do with it. If you actually watched the hearing you would have seen her destroy the gop members.

Anonymous said...

8:06 she may have sounded like she was in control, but the problem is that she was lying and no one is calling her out. she should be handed her cake with what she is telling us the people, but instead they think she did a great job. that is the problem

Anonymous said...

8:06 - All she did was lie. It is very disappointing to see people still support Clinton when it was proven that she clearly lied. The purpose of the lie makes this even more disturbing. The fact that she could win in 2016 is evidence that our political system no longer represents our country. I think every single representative in DC needs to go and we need to start over.

Anonymous said...

Watched an interesting documentary on HBO last night called The Diplomat. Interesting perspective on State Department diplomacy.