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Friday, May 22, 2015

Bin Laden's Alarming Prediction About America - Made Years Before 9/11

The heroic Seal Team Six killed Osama bin Laden just over four years ago. And thankfully, his bones rest at the bottom of the Indian Ocean.

But America’s desperate battle with al-Qaeda is far from over.

You see, a key weapon of bin Laden’s was economic warfare…and al Qaeda still uses the tactic against America.

Osama named it the “bleed until bankruptcy plan,” where the goal is to draw the United States into endless – and costly – Middle Eastern wars. Wars that will eventually bankrupt the US economy.

In other words, Osama didn’t seek to win with body counts.



Anonymous said...

This is what we did to the former Soviet Union.....

With a constant state of heightened readiness based on our abilities at the time (we really miss you President Reagan!), they couldn't keep up!

Anonymous said...

This isn't anything new. We've been known this. Which is what makes those who wanted to rush into Iraq look even more ignorant. Whats worse. The same fools want to put 100k troops back in to fight a war the Iraqis won't fight for themselves.

Anonymous said...

more lies. obammy didnt kill osammy. the paki's told our guys where he was and we got him. hardly a shot was fired. they dumped his body from helo's after they mutilated it. and then most of the seal team was allowed to be killed. partly so obammys lies wouldnt be discovered, but he failed yet again.

pretty much how we saddam too. someone else told our guys where he was and he was quickly executed to cover for bushs lies.

you people will never get it will you?

Anonymous said...

627-Iraq was quite stable until the US decided to dick around there. Hell, they were stable enough for us to supply them weapons to fight Iran in the 80s...That war in Iraq, is the United State's fault. Not the Iraqis. It is our responsibility, it's just a matter of when, not if, we return. Thems the breaks for our craptastic foreign policy positions.