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Monday, December 21, 2015

Report: ISIS Has 'Tens of Thousands' of Blank Passports

The Islamic State group may have stolen "tens of thousands" of blank passports that it could use to smuggle its fighters into Europe as refugees, a German newspaper reported Sunday.

The Welt am Sonntag cited Western intelligence sources as saying that IS could have acquired the stolen travel documents in areas of Syria, Iraq and Libya it now controls.

The passports could be issued to would-be attackers to enter the European Union as asylum seekers, according to the report.

Moreover IS has already launched a money-spinning operation with the fake documents, selling them on the black market where they fetch up to 1,500 euros ($1,630) each, Welt said.

European authorities have repeatedly warned of the potential threat posed by refugees travelling with counterfeit documents.

The two unidentified Stade de France attackers in Paris have been tracked back to two fake Syrian passports used to enter Europe.



Anonymous said...

obama and the state department probably sent these passports to them.

Anonymous said...

The sad thing is, some people around here actually think what 3:06 said is true.

Anonymous said...

Sorry 3:30 but it is gotten to the point that his actions make people doubt the man

Anonymous said...

Typical liberal idiot.

Anonymous said...

Start issuing them in another color for the cover.

Anonymous said...

They don't need them Obama and the idiot Liberals will let them in without them anyhow.