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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Goat Found 12-11-15: UPDATE

Hey Joe,

My crew and I found this goat in the Kilburnie neighborhood 20 mins ago. I think one of your viewers might know who it belongs to. They can reach Rick at McGee's landscaping at 410-430-5967 or Mike at 316-755-5336


Anonymous said...

I have a 140 acre farm 5 minutes away. My daughters and i will be happy to care for him. Just reply to this and let me know

Anonymous said...

I was going to buy a new lawn mower. But, now, can I have him? (LOL!)

Just kidding!

Oh, I said that out loud, sorry!

Anonymous said...

7:11 just call the numbers he posted

Anonymous said...

That goat belongs to the farm across from Kitburnie on Twilleys Bridge Rd. 1 st house on the left

That man has probably 100 goats fenced up there.