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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Former Gov. Bush, in Home-State Florida, Pans Clinton, Trump

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush said Monday that Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton "has no clue" about leading the country and GOP front-runner Donald Trump is "not serious about being a candidate."

Supporters cheered the former Florida governor's remarks at a Cuban restaurant near Miami.

Speaking briefly at times in Spanish before the largely Cuban supporters, Bush said America's leadership in the world is "essential for peace and security" and that "Hillary Clinton has no clue."

He repeated his critique of Trump from the Republican debate in Las Vegas, saying the billionaire businessman gets his foreign policy advice from "the shows." He said Trump "wakes up in his pajamas and watches the TV shows on Saturday and Sunday."

Bush said Trump "is not serious about being a candidate," but is a "great politician" who "fills the space."



Anonymous said...

I was inclined to vote for Jeb based on his performance as Governor of Florida. But the more I hear him talk, the less that inclination is.

Anonymous said...

Jeb is a whiner. When you are polling at 2 or 3 per cent, it is hard to make a case that you are a dynamic leader.

I don't think he can accept the fact that he isn't the "heir apparent".