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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Flakka — the drug they call '$5 insanity' — is overwhelming police and hospitals in Florida

Flakka is a new psychoactive crystal that has invaded South Florida. For just $5, a single dose can cause severe paranoia, zombie-like behavior, and superhuman strength.



Anonymous said...

And it'll get worse by Spring Break.

Anonymous said...

It's been around Miami for a awhile now and it is not a spring breaker drug. They have money and want Molly, Addy and cocaine. Flakka is poor man's crack. Crackheads that have hit bottom turn to Flakka because it is cheaper and stimulates their burned out brain cells.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 7:32pm. This is a drug infested country. Flakka with be on the shore by spring. Crackheads potheads and heroin addict's will experience this new drug. Maybe this is the beginning of the true walking dead.

Anonymous said...

Most potheads won't. We are very sick of this label and being lumped in with the hard drug users.
Alcohol is used before Marijuana in 99% of kids, so you can't claim its a "gateway" drug. Marijuana doesn't affect your judgement the way alcohol does, you aren't going to make a morally questionable decision that you end up regretting later because you were high.
You don't feel like crap in the morning if you had too much Marijuana.
You can't put yourself in the hospital because you had too much Marijuana.
Your daughter can't be raped by a group of frat boys after she smokes too much weed and goes unconscious.
A lot of truely good people have been treated horribly and had their rights trampled by Marijuana policy. Now that the powerful have Marijuana in the position that they can monopolize it they are starting to relax the rules, but only so their friends can start the grow operations and make a fortune. The street level guy will still be put away for 10 years for what at this point amounts to selling without a license.