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Friday, November 27, 2015

Team Obamacare Fights For An Insurer Bailout

Until recently, the insurance giants saw Obamacare as a cash cow. They are now finding the law's insurance marketplaces to be sickly quagmires causing billions in losses.

In response, the Obamacare insiders — the wealthy and powerful operatives who alternate between top government jobs and top industry jobs — are hustling to find more bailout money for insurers. Republicans, if they are able to hold their ground in the face of lobbyist pressure, can block the bailout of Obamacare and its corporate clientele.

United Healthcare, the nation's largest insurer, last week announced it was suffering huge losses in the exchanges. "We cannot sustain these losses" UHC's CEO said in a conference call, saying conditions for the insurer were "worsening." The company forecast $700 million in losses on the exchanges. Fellow insurance giant Aetna also said it expected to lose money on the exchanges, and other insurers said enrollment was lower than they expected.

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Anonymous said...

Rubio, et al, are trying to block all funding for this bailout.

Anonymous said...

Like nobody saw this coming.

Anonymous said...

It was Obama's plan from the beginning, a single payer system directly to the government. 9:34 you are correct. The American voters fell for this scam beginning back in 2009. It's much worse than the 500 million dollar gas station we built in Afghanistan. I keep hearing about the Syrian refuge intelligence coming from the White House. It's obvious that there is no intelligence in the White House.

Anonymous said...

Let them suffer. They helped write the bill. Carefull what you wish for.