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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Planned Berlin Apartment Complex Project Moves Ahead; Summer 2016 Start Planned

BERLIN – The apartment complex proposed for Seahawk Road will proceed as originally planned with the town’s approval of legislation associated with the project.

Ocean’s East, the apartment complex planned by developer Blair Rinnier for Seahawk Road, is now moving ahead with the Berlin Town Council’s approval of a text amendment that will allow the buildings to exceed the town’s 12-unit size limit.

“I hope to proceed through the design submittal and approval process over the next six months and break ground in the summer of 2016,” Rinnier said, “with the first apartments opening in the summer of 2017.”

Rinnier has long been talking about building apartments on Seahawk Road. Earlier this year, he received site plan approval for the first 150-unit phase of the potentially 700-unit project. That approval, however, was contingent on the town’s passage of a text amendment that would permit the apartment buildings to house more than 12 units, as his plan showed 24- and 36-unit buildings. The text amendment, created by Rinnier’s attorney Mark Cropper with input from Town of Berlin attorney Dave Gaskill, says that when “public necessity, convenience, general welfare and good zoning practice” will be better served by buildings with more than 12 units, the planning commission “may allow a multi-family building to consist of up to, but not to exceed, 36 units as determined on a case by case basis.”



Anonymous said...

does anyone know if these are going to be section 8 ?

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same 9:32 , more than likely it is.
There goes the neighborhood.

lmclain said...

Yep. It may start out as no more than 36 welfare units.
After all the working people get sick of the drug dealing, late night loud parties, trash everywhere, and everything not tied down being stolen or vandalized, ALL of those units will become welfare housing.
That is what happens WHEREVER these "projects' are built.
the owners don't care, however --- they live in the rich part of town and the only black people they ever talk to are the ones cleaning their house.
They KNOW this, but since the conversion of the complex to another ghetto dump won't affect THEIR income, they couldn't care less.
They DO make it sound SO wonderful, though.
Keep cheering, but if Berlin has any sense at all, they'll tell these developers to hit the road. Today. As in "walk, before we make you run".

Anonymous said...

Another rinner development !

Anonymous said...

Apartment complex = section 8 housing.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone in America's Coolest Small Town considered the impact on the schools?

Anonymous said...

hey berlin, welcome to east Salisbury, good luck